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Constant trouble and SLOW internet.

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You don't respond to my requests, don't  answer phone, have held on for over 3 hours over the past few weeks. NBN was recently installed BADLY by a very lazy destructive NBN technician. He told me I wouldn't be able to use my computer once it was turned on - he left big muddy footprints everywhere, saying he wasn't allowed to take off his boots, he broke the electrical in point (screwed out a screw), broke a phone plug and had to install another.  I had to get another technician privately  to fix it and pay him separately. Was working for a day or two quite well and better.  Now My internet extremely slow to almost in reverse or not responding - or none. Can't respond by internet if I have none. It has never been worse.  PLEASE CALL ME  ASAP ... I'm 80 and my family is concerned obviously. Thank you  One other thing ... that NBN technician called me personally a few days ago as I reported him to NBN for the mess he created and now he knows where I am which makes me feel quite uneasy.  Thank you.   


Tamborine Mountain, Qld   I have been with you for many years.  Please look after your loyal customers.  Hope you're all safe.