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Customer service frustration

Level 2
I have been trying to call and email for 2 days now !! I signed up on line Saturday night ! I rang Sunday morning to cancel
After 3 Phone calls and waiting on hold for 2 hours someone told me I would receive a call back with in the hour ! I didn't! I them emailed ! 3 times , not response! I rang again today spoke to someone 45 mins later was told someone would ring me back - promise he said!!! No one has !!! I have now receive an email saying you have shipped the modem! And you have taken payments!!! How quick you are to do those things! But not call me ! .so the reason I wanted to cancel was due to the negative social media comments about your customer service !! Looks like they are right !! If you do not cancel this account I WILL take this to the TCO !

Hi @dblacky888, let's help in getting things sorted out for you. Please send us a private message with your account details and we can go from there.