Customer service waiver

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I don’t understand purpose of customer service gurantee waiver SCG has to do with tpg nbn... do i need it? What’s the implication of this service? I dont have any home phone.. will SCG cost me anything in case i won’t withdraw?

Hi @Suhai ,


We believe our services represent excellent value compared to other suppliers in the market. The CSG legislation came into being years ago and, in our opinion, is outdated in today's telecommunications landscape, and its mandated compensation makes it difficult for providers to supply the best value services. Asking our customers to agree to waive the CSG doesn't change the fact that TPG will always do our best to provide you a quality service and a great experience, resolve any issues quickly and effectively, and provide reasonable compensation for service issues. Asking our customers to waive the CSG does not change TPG's aim to provide excellent service.

The service application or any changes in the account or upgrade will not proceed in the event that you did not agree with the CSG waiver.

Let us know should you require further assistance.



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This sounds like a complete cop out from TPG and I assume other providers ask for the same...

that means you get no protection from shoddy service, deleivery, dropouts etcetc and customer is totally at mercy of provider with little redress. Its like buying something woth a voided warranty!!!!!

I will ask the ombudsman