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D link - viper - ac2600 configuration

Level 1c

I have recently purchased a D-link - viper -ac2600 to use with my TPG NBN FTTN connection. I configured the router which functioned fine initially.

I then changed plan from NBN50 to NBN100 to gain additional performance. After submitting request online the d link router ceased working. I then reconnected original router which functioned fine. May have just been a coincidence.
Is there any other configuration settings which I need to input.

Level 1b


I just purchased the dlink Viper AC2600. However I cannot connect to the internet at all.

Can you please post the setting you had for your router to work?



Level 1c
Once I figured router to vdsl with correct tpg username and password it seemed to work fine. Problem is now it seems to drop out about the same time each day. Still waiting on a solution.
Level 1c

Also just purchased a D-Link AC 2600 and am trying to connect to internet (NBN 50). I tried using the wizard but the internet light on router remains red. Maybe a dumb question but the username and password you enter in the router internet settings to connect with tpg are the same username and password as you use to log into your tpg account - right??