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DSL and LAN lights not ON

Level 2

Issue with new FTTC connection. NBN device shows solid blue light for power and connection lights but no DSL or LAN lights. Initially flicks on and several clicking noises but then nothing. Have also tried in other phone outlets and same result. notified TPG and technician scheduled in 2business days. But I am working from home and need internet badly,. even my son is schooling from home, can I know how to plug in old ADSL modem back in as I need internet service. Need some assistance please.


Hi @rameshpeee , we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and a case engineer will contact you as soon as a new update becomes available.


If there's a need for us to send a technician, you will be advised through SMS or phone call. Let us know should you have further queries.