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Damage to property by NBN installation

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The technician came the first time on July 24, 2019 to my property. He spent nearly 3 hours and mostly on the phone. He drilled the hole through the wall to install a plug inside the house and left without NBN connection saying due to technical problem. But most annoying is that he left the property with damages (see attached photos):

- The plug inside the house looks slanted

- Outside the house, cables are not bundled properly, a bundle is outside the cable pipe. The brick was damaged and was patched in very bad way


TPG, please forward my complaint to the company which the technician comes from and please fix the damages on my property.


I will provide my contact details when you reply. Thanks


Hi @dthanhng 


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I'm sorry about the poor installation experience. We'll be forwarding the screenshots you've provided to our Provisioning Team so we can raise it to NBNCo for complaint and for an NBNCo technician to make the necessary repairs. In the event that the Provisioning Team requires additional information from you, is the mobile number we have on file still your best contact number? If you wish to provide a different contact number, send me a PM. Click here for reference on how to send a PM.


As for your NBN installation, the order was placed in Held status. Based on the report of the NBN technician, there's no network in the building. NBNCo is working with their construction teams on remediation. NBNCo was not able to provide a planned remediation date yet, but once it's available, our Provisioning Team will reach out to you for the information.