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Delay on NBN service installation

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Good morning, 


I am wondering if anyone is able to help me with delaying the installation of the NBN service to my current house. 


I signed up to your NBN service for our current house back in December, but due to Christmas/New year period the installation would not occur until January. Over this period we have needed to move again, however we are not due to move until mid February.


I am wondering if it is possible to move my service over to our new place, but not get it activated until we move in and not activate our current house in the meantime?


Your help will be greatly appreciated. 


Kind regards 


Amy Krueger 


Hi @Thekruegers ,


Thanks for reaching out to us.


I've managed to pull up your account using your community details and it seems that your latest NBN activation schedule is on 30/01/2020.


We can have our case manager to contact you regarding the change of address. Kindly private message to us your preferred callback number and time.

How do I private message (PM) in the community