Delayed installation

Level 2


NBN has just arrived in my area for fttc

I pre registered on the 13th march and recieved  an install date of the 23rd march.


The tecnhician arrived and and setup the NCD. Sync was initiated but the DSL would not connect. He did further testing and setup another NCD at my pit and got the same results. 


Upon further investigstion he said he could not get a response from NBN either from phone calls or email and the issue laid with the DPU.

I proceed to call TPG and explain the issue. And a new appt date of 23rd of April was given.


This is a further 4 weeks away. My neighbour who signed up after me was installed last week without any issues.


Due to circumstance can this be fastracked to an earlier date given. With 3 kids home schooled our current service doesnt meet our requirements.


Thank you