Don’t join tpg!!!

Level 3
Wow after 6 visits from technicians and 6 visits having to stay home from work I still have no internet!!! Please people do not join tpg!! I have paid for two months worth of internet and lost hundreds in wages and still have no internet!! 6 idiot technicians still do not have it working!! Go with another company

Hi @Tahnee123,


I'm really sorry to read you've had such a poor experience, that's not what we want to hear at all. Even so, we know there's always room for improvement and we strive daily to make more and more positive ones.

I can see that one of our Engineers has been in touch today and has coordinated this back to NBN co.


Your case is being handled as a priority by our Engineering team and the team is actively managing the connection process and applying pressure to NBN Co to get as much information as possible regarding this network fault.


They'll be contacting you further once additional information becomes available.