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Dying of old age waiting for an operator to reply

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I received info about the all new TPG alternative to NBN, faster wifi ,better connecting speed, sooooo, Ive tried it, its connected, its ok although Ive noticed that today it went down to 3g which NBN never did.

So my wife got a strange text message saying that my email is about to be cancelled unless I connect quickly?????? connect to what?? it doesnt say, so I have been trying to contact tpg support today, the first time it said "50 minute wait time" this is just to get to the operator, it also said "we will call you back when your turn comes up," ok I thought Ill do that, with my phone next to me I worked on my computer for 1.1/2 hours no call, then I noticed in my recorded messages a message, opened the message, no message just the beep beep beep of an engaged signal, and TPG' logo, having time to waste I tried again, this time I waited in line, it is now a 60 minute wait, I waited 65 minutes, then the music stopped and a person said "hello" I said hello she said oh and hung up, I now want to know why TPG doesnt want to talk to its customers, so when the options came around ie " Sales push 1, support push 2 and so on, so I pushed 1 sales and I got straight through to a person, so what Im learning, TPG want my money but cant support me once they have it. By the way, the sales man was extremely appoligetic and said how about I put you through to support, before I could say anything, recorded voice, "Im sorry, 60 minute delay, can we call you back"  NOT A CHANCE, so now its getting dark and after patiently waiting over 4 hours to get through to an operator, If TPG hang up on me again well telstra and DODO are looking more and more attractive.



An ADDENDUM to this my first comment. 18/02/2022, 20.35pm

After waiting an additional 55 minutes, a recorded message told me that because TPG was so busy that they couldnt answer my querie to beep beep beep.

Discussions are now begining between me, my wife, my grandson (who lives with me) and my daughter, to find an alternate provider.



Hi @Budgiegrower,


We'd like to look into what's been happening for feedback and clarity. Apologies as well for the lengthy queue times.


Any chance you can send your TPG details (Customer ID or username) via private message so we can locate your account and check the status of your service.