Eero Pro 6

Level 2

Hi all,


I have a TPG FTTB connection with the assigned TP-Link modem provided as well, and just recently purchased the Eero Pro 6.


When setting up the Eero I am met with an error almost instantly due to the WAN IP address not being detected, or there is an error to do with that.


How do I set up the Eero Pro 6 - note that all other posts seem to have conflicting advise and it seems like most recommend changes after the initial connection has been made.


Hi @odubya1227 . There are 2 ways to connect the Eero.

Configure Eero as access point and connect Eero WAN port to TPG router LAN port. Disable Eero DHCP and NAT. This allows the VOIP phone to keep working.

If you don't want the phone, you can set the TPG router into bridge mode and have Eero as normal wireless router. Connect Eero WAN port to TPG router LAN port.

Level 2

To add eeros to your existing network:
Open the eero app
Tap the blue plus icon on the top right
Tap Add or Replace eero Devices
Tap Add eero Device
Follow the setup instructions to complete the installation 

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