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Effective solution to Common issue, FTTC NBN NCD, No DSL connection

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Hello @Riezl, @Shane and others,


I am very happy to have my adsl2+Offnet swithed to NBN in a very efficient way.


This is about the issues described in


I just wish to take this opportunity to thanks every one at TPG team to help connecting to the NBN.

This issue was resolved in less than one week as opposed to from several weeks to months as we can read in the forum.


The TPG team is extremly efficient with the following

- less than 24 hours to send a TPG tehcnical  from the time TPG identified the issue

- less than 48 hours, TPG booked a nbn person

- less than 4 days, nbn person came. I was very lucky with this, since this was outside TPG influence.

- less than one week, the switch from adsl2+Offnet to nbn was completed. Of course, voice service porting takes longer.


Please help passing my thanks and regards to all TPG teams, from customer support, provisioning, account.

Once again many thanks.


Thanh @Tha89


Hi @Tha89,


We truly appreciate for taking the time in providing us your feedback.


We've passed on your comments to the Management whom I know will be thrilled to hear the feedback.


If there is anything further we can assist you with, please let us know.



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Hello @Erika,


Once again thanks Erika. I missed you on the initial email.

I came here to .... complaint about my NBN installation and got helped.

I feel that the only way to .... pay back the time and help I got is to give feedback.

Once again many thanks for passing the informaiton.




PS. Sometimes I worked as the 3rd line support which is very different from your work which is called 1st line support in my organisation. I just know how it feels ...