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Existing TIO case - no responses from TPG/Can't get through

Level 2

Raised an order for NBN in November. Open TIO case.

NBN site technician thinks he installed the service last Friday & wanted to check the connection. TPG had not provided BYO modem credentials in advance so called them & after tech & myself waited for 1 hour TPG then cut the call saying 'nobody is available'.

NBN tech had to leave.

After hours of trying finally obtained the BYO modem credentials yet receive the message: 'Unable to connect to the internet. Contact your ISP'.

Have sent emails to multiple channels: No responses.

Try to contact via online chat: 'Nobody available'

I have an open TIO case & the case manager called me today & said she will have a support member call me after 5:30 PM today. Nobody called.



We apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused you and we are sorry if you haven't received a callback, @natamity.


We have coordinated your concern to our Complaints Resolution Team. We can see that the case manager has been in touch and discussed the status of the case. As advised, they will be sending a new modem to fix the issue and you will receive further updates via email once the modem has been shipped.


If you have further queries, you may directly contact the Complaints Resolution Case manager via return mail for immediate assistance.