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I have been anxiously awaiting NBN at my address in Baldivis for years as all new parts of the estate, within 100 meters of my 15 year 'old' house, have had it, but my little pocket in the estate went without for some reason UNTIL....


I got an email out of the blue on OCT 18 from you (you bewdy!) saying order now, get in early, YOUR area will be NBN ready on JANUARY 4, just 2 1/2 mths down the track.


I promptly ordered NBN100, realising of course NBN ready and Activation and Supply are all diffrrent dates.


Happy Days.


On January 5 got an email from you stating NBN delyed a short while. No problem. Sort of expected.


On January 12 I get an email from iiNET saying NBN IS available now in my house at a ridulous "we want YOUR business price". I send YOU an email asking if true.


Yes, January 12 you email me back saying yes, my Application can now proceed and asking for authorisation to port my number from telstra to you. Done.


January 13 you write back saying order proceeding and instalation progressing.


January 16 yuo write email saying goods despatched. THEY ARRIVE January 17.


January 18 you text saying PLUG it in all good to go! I can't I am out for the day at work.


January 19 you text saying plug it all in all good to go!  I can't I am out for the day.


January 20 you text saying Plug it in all good to go. I plug it in. NOTHING WORKS


THE NCD is hard blue power light, and flashing BLUE connection light. No DSL or LAN blue lights at all. No other colours.


The Modem has a power light, 2.4, 5gz and WAN lights hard green and no internet light.


No amount of reseting, repowering or rebooting has/is helped.


Of course, PLUG my phone back into socket in lieu of new NCD, and now no phone either.


Called yesterday Jan 20 - 30 minutes after you're closed. No problem - understand you have to go home sometimes!


Phone you at 0600am PERTH time today, get Christine who asks if I plugged it all in, restarted, reset etc and then just says "We will need to get a techo out - you may wait 2 days for a call". Again, not her problem, but 2 days just to get a call to then make an appointment that might be - when? Today we live in an automated world- appointments should be able to be made on the spot. Don't you think? Or is only because I live in the outpost that is Perth?  ;-)


I have been with tpgi since about 1996-7. Never ever had an issue. This - what should be simple and tested thru the now years of NBN rollout - sort of has me upset...