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FTTC NDC fails to initialise

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I've followed the NBN FTTC set up instructions but the NCD fails to get a link and complete the set up process. Possibly the FTTC service is not yet set up? Any advice on how to confirm what's wrong please?


Hi @nmalynn50,


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For newly installed NBN service, we did an article that you may find helpful.


New Connection Setup Help

In the event that you successfully set up the NBN service and still not working you may check if there is an ongoing outage affecting the service. See this link for reference How to Check for NBN Network Outage.


If there's no outage, you may perform basic troubleshooting step available in this article Troubleshooting no internet connection.


In this particular case, we can see that your NBN installation is still in progress. We chased this to our NBN Provisioning Team, expect an update from them via SMS or Phone call within 24-48hrs.