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Failed NBN install, but marked as complete

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An NBN technician came to my apartment yesterday 11/04/18 for scheduled installation and after checking MDF and my wall socket told me that he could not complete NBN installation. I was told that installing a connection would interfere with my neighbours unit downstairs and that if I wanted to have it installed, I would need to arrange for my neighbour to have his installed at the same time.

The technician left without performing ANY work.


A few hours later I received an SMS and email saying that my NBN installation is completed. How is this possible? Even more upsetting is that now I cannot connect to the internet at all and I am already being charged for new NBN service.


I was immediately on the phone to TPG customer support and spoke to 5 different people including a case manager who passed me on to the tech support team to check if a connection had been established which might have happened afterwards(unsure how this can happen as the MDF is in the garage and cannot be accessed without someone giving access to the premises.) The tech team had me try the usual things, connecting the new NBN modem, resetting, unplugging from wall socket etc. In the end they could not confirm that I have a connection and told me that it would be esclatated and I would be contacted within 24-48  hours.


This morning I received a text message to say that another technician would be coming to visit on Monday 15/04/18. My concern is that this will be repeated. Please help.


Hi @Junyun,


Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to write about your experience.

Soon all of Australia will be connected to the NBN and while in many cases there is a smooth transition we apologise that this was not your experience.

We acknowledge the complexity of certain installations which can lead to unforeseen delays and sometimes additional appointments to complete the final installation, for which all internet providers are reliant upon NBN Co.


We will notify our Engineering team with the information that you've shared to make sure that the NBN technician that will be requested will fix the fault for the service to work.


Thank you for your patience.