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Fibre to the Building where the premises are single story residential

Level 2

In early 2019 FTTC will be connected to the Telstra Service Pit.  The Pit is directly outside my home and almost adjacent to where the the existing copper line to the house runs for the remaining 15/20 metres.


1. Will I be able to negotiate with TPG to run Fibre to the side of the house and simply connect to where the existing copper enters the house.  (it is very accessable)?


2. Or, is FTTB only available to multi-tenanted buildings?


3. What sort of cost would I be looking at to connect via Question (1).

Level 8

Hi @Rubicon with NBN FTTC the system uses a DPU (Distribution Point Unit) located in 'a' pit on the footpath, the DPU will service 4 connections per unit, so the pit may or may not be the one closest to your premises.

Your 3 closest neighbors will be serviced from the same DPU, as with FTTN the service only needs to terminate at the first and usually closest socket to the entry of the premises, the existing lead in cable would not normally be replaced unless it was in poor condition.