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Following NBN's FTTP installation, ...

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Following the installation of FTTP, I had some difficulty in setting up some peripherals, especially printer and TV.  I ultimately solved this by switching to 2.4GHz only as printer and TV didn't like the dual band decision making.  BUT I cannot get my Google Nest Hub Max (GNHM) display/speaker to reinstall!  I have tried everything I can think of and tried just about every suggestion from Google, Youtube and Reddit that I can find, all to no avail.  Understandably, TPG is not realy concerned about 3rd party problems.  I am wondering if anybody else has had this particular issue with the GNHM.  Mine is a little over 6 months old.  


Hi @adsli966 . Turn off Band Steering (whatever it is on your router) so you can give each band a different name. 

Are you using WPA2 and AES wifi security settings?