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Formal Complaint - 15 Jun 2020

Level 2

Hi there, I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with TPG/NBN and now is completing month waiting a simple installation. I requested it on 15th Jun and before it I saw in their website that NBN is available in my suburb. However, this should be quickly and they found a issue to solve in my street and was making updated and follow up until last month and they gave me a time limit to solve it on 1st October, but today is 9th October and I had to rang them to know any update or follow up. This is ridiculous and I paid the installation and they were quick to charge and I am work from home due to covid -19 and I just requested it to improve the quality to work, because I am using the internet from my mobile. Do you know what mean? This is slow and TPG/NBN gave me a headache and my manager said: "I don't believe there is no internet in your house". This situation bro
brought me down and the disrespect from TPG damage my image in front of my manager.
Please find below more details about that:
Name: Flavia de Santana
TPG Bundle Order:


Hi @desantana1282 


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We've edited your post as it contains your account number. Please avoid posting any account information on a public thread as it may compromise your security.


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience due to the delay of the NBN service installation.

We've chased this with our NBN Service delivery team and a case manager will be in touch with you today to provide further updates with your case.