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Google Nest connection failure to Google Home app

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I have a TPG Huawei HG659 modem/router and I recently purchased a Google Nest router.

The instructions are to connect the Google Nest router to the TPG modem/router.

I have done this and tried all the restarts and power offs.

The Google Nest router connects to the wifi and I am able to connect to the internet but for some reason, the Google Home App always fails connection to the Google Nest router. As such, I cannot update the router name, passwords or any other functionaility the Google Nest provides.

I have read similar posts (different modems) that suggest the issue lies with the TPG modem/router configurations / firewalls.

Can someone please help?


Hi @elyseabbey . Are you wanting to use the hg659 in bridge mode (for vlan id) and use the Nest for all other functions, dhcp, wifi, etc? The voip phone service doesn't work in this mode.