Granny Flat NBN

Level 2

I have NBN  FTTN in the main house.

I have built a Granny Flat in my backyard for family. The Builder of the Granny Flat has run a connection to the main house and wired rooms in the Granny Flat .

I believe I can't get a separate NBN connection for each dwelling as they do not have unique addresses.

Can anyone tell me if I just need to plug a modem/router into the Granny Flat so I can use the service from the main house?

If so can anyone recommend a brand that is powerful enough to pick up the signal. 

Level 14

Hi Raym1.

What type of cabling is it between main house and granny flat? Is it ethernet or just telephone cable? 

What sort is the cabling within the rooms in the granny flat?  Do the cables lead to a patch panel in the granny flat?

One option is to get a wifi router for the flat and connect it to the main router in the house if ethernet cable is available. The flat would then have wifi separate from the house.

You would need to consider the speed of the FTTN plan depending on how many people will use it.