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HFC NBN Wall Outlet Installation

Level 2

Hi, I wanted to know how many technicians it will take to install the HFC Wall Outlet on the 2nd level/storey of my house? Is it 2 or just 1?

All my pcs/modems/phone/smart tvs are on the 2nd level and the first level is merely a kitchen/bathroom/laundry which are all offlimits according to the NBN_HFC_Install_Guide

(not that Id want it installed in any of those rooms anyway)


Hi @Raistlin,


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The number of the NBN technician that will be sent to install the service depends on the complexity of the job that is needed to be done.


The location of the wall outlet for NBN HFC installation will depend on your discussion with the technician as they will initially ask you if where do you want to place it. However, they need to assess your request if the coaxial cable can be installed on the desired location.


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