HFC connection

Level 2

My unit is schedule to be fitted with an HFC connection, I understand that this will probably use the old Foxtel wall connection.


I have several questions!,  

Can I use my existing TP-Link Archer D7 modem? 

If so , I assume that I would then only be able to use wi-fi to connect my iMac, the current situation is my modem is connected directly via ethernet to my mac, 


From what I have read, from several providers my anticipated speed on a basic plan is only 10MBS for evening speeds, I'm currently getting between 13-15 mbs in the evening,


For me, I would require the best speeds in excess of 20-30 mbs between 22.00 & 09.00 hrs, so could anyone recomend the best cheapest plan, 

And if I need a new modem! , whats the best of the budget ones


Many thanks in anticipation


Level 8

Hi @bernie1953 I can answer one of your questions at least.

Can I use my existing TP-Link Archer D7 modem?

Yes but as a router only and only if you don't intend using the bundled VOIP component.


You should be supplied a TP-LInk VR1600v to use, this model will also be used as a router only and will connect to the (supplied) cable modem, this model has very similar specifications to your D7 and will work with the bundled VOIP service, you will also be able to connect your iMac to it via Ethernet.