House Ports

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I've just had an FTTC connection installed last week. We have 3 connection port in the house (a rental) and the NBN Tech said he could only get a connection with one port.

Our property agent seems to think that it is the telco or NBNCo who is responsible for fixing the ports in the house. I'd be appreciative if someone could point me to some formal advice that I could provide the agent to get the landlord to fix the ports.


Hi @seanwalden 


We appreciate you raising this concern to us. 


Your nbn™ connection box will be located close to your existing wall outlet inside your premises, as well as a power point. If you have more than one wall outlet, you can ask your nbn™ approved installer which one is suitable for connecting your nbn™ connection box. 


Installation of a certain service are indeed the TelCo's responsibility and also to ensure that the main or the first wall socket is working and is ready for use. 


However, if it involves activating or repairing other phone ports/wall sockets at home, we do advise to have this done by a private technician. This is a job that requires specialisation plus the fact that it is an internal wiring concern within the premise. 


If you live in an apartment/unit, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that the wiring or sockets are working and is ready for use.