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How can I receive a monthly receipt

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Hi there

I have just signed up to TPG and need to receive a monthly receipt by email so that I can expense my internet. Can you please advise how I can do this? 


Level 2

Hi @andrewure TPG does not send any bill or receipt via email. You may check your invoices/statements via www.tpg,com,au/account. I hope this helps.


Hi @andrewure, Tax invoices are not sent automatically. However, you may retrieve a copy of your tax invoices through your online


Kindly log in using your username and password at:


To view your Tax invoices, click on "Your Invoices," then the corresponding invoice number on the left column.


Printing of Invoices


Should you wish to print the tax invoice on your on line account, please follow the steps below:


1. Log on to your online account using your username and password at


2. Click on "Your Invoices" under the Account Management section.


3. Click on the corresponding invoice number that you wish to print.


4. Hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.


5. Open the mspaint application.


6. Click on "Edit" and hit "paste."


7. Once the image appears, click on "File" then "print."


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