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How to apply for extra static IP addresses on NBN FTTN for business

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Hello TPG community,


We require additional static IP addresses and have called the TPG team but have been advised TPG no longer provide additional static IP addresses.

I find this hard to believe and would like to ask the community if they know how I can do this.

I requested a call back form supervisor/manager as they were all busy but have not heard anything yet.

We are on the FTTN NBN business plan.


If someone has any information ont his could you please comment.




Welcome to TPG Community!


We thank you for bringing this to our attention @g2itservices, we're saddened to know that we were not able to provide an Extra Static IP for your account.


I was able to locate your account and have seen that the current plan that you have can only be provided with 1 Static IP. We've also seen that our Accounts Team has been in touch and now looking for other available plans that can provide additional IP address. A feedback will be provided for the details. Thank you.