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How to extend the range of TPG FTTC modem rounter VR1600v

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I am a TPG user with ADSL2+ OffNet. My area is about to be connected to NBN FTTC.

TPG uses VR1600V which has a very short wifi range.

I need to use VoIP and also need to extend the wifi range.

Can I turn off the wifi of VR1600V and use any MESH wifi system?


I really need VoIP and longer wifi range.

This is a make or break issue when selecting ISP.


Many thanks for your help and time.

Best Regards,



Hi @Tha89,


Welcome to the community!


You can turn off TP-Link VR1600V's WiFi and connect a 3rd party Wi-Fi Mesh Device.


Please be advised that any configuration/settings to connect the Wi-Fi mesh to our supplied modem/router must come from the Manufacturer/support of the Mesh Device.



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Hello Shane,


Many thanks for your time and information.

I have one further questions.

1) Is there any specific setting we need to perform on VR1600V to enable connection with Google Wifi?

2) Is there any specific setting we need to perform on VR1600V to avoid double NAT when connecting Google Wifi to VR1600V?


Once again, many thanks for your time.

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Hi @Tha89,


You only need to connect the device to the existing TPG WI-FI network and configure it properly.


You may find this link helpful in setting up Google Wifi: Google Wifi Help


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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Hey mate, did you end up figuring this out. I'm in the same boat rite now