Huawei Hg659

Level 2
The PPPOE settings on Huawei hg659 is still showing tpg username and password.

I have TPG supplied Huawei HG659 modem which is NBN competible. I finished my contract with tpg and recently moved to Tangerine FTTN NBN plan.
This modem has pre saved tpg username and password which can’t be deleted.
I tried doing the reboot, factory reset and hard reset but it’s still showing the tpg username and password.

I also tried putting the ISP username and password provided by Tangerine in PPPOE settings but had no luck with the internet.
My internet connection is still down.

Is it because this modem is pre configured by tpg and is locked.

Could someone please unlock this modem from your end or do the firmware update so that I can delete the pre configured tpg username and password and start using the new one.

PS: My previous contract details with tpg:
Customer ID: 5825858

Level 14

@Amit . The router is not locked to TPG. The problem might be with the VLAN ID difference between TPG and Tangerine.

VLAN ID Settings:  
NBN ordered 1st June 2017 onwards Disabled / not active
NBN ordered pre-1st June 2017 VLAN ID 100

You need to disable the VLAN function or change it to 100.