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In the middle of ADSL2 to NBN process

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Currently in the middle of getting NBN. Today I received a router which I was told I would need to plug in and it would work fine. I plugged it in, but it didnt work. So I opened the router settings and logged in with my TPG details. The login worked and I managed to get the internet to work.


Heres the problem, using that router, the internet is slooooooow. Sloooooooooow, the ping is 13ms which is good BUT the megabits per second is 0.7 to 3. I don't know if I've received a shoddy router, but I don't think I want to use this router by the time the NBN dewd comes over next week to install it.


At the moment I'm using my old router which is 14 megabits per second. Faster than the slowest NBN.


What should I do?

Also, after this stage, does a guy come over at the due date, with the other NBN equipment to finish the installation?




Hi @dannym6


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and provide proper information about the NBN installation.


Send me a PM with your TPG account details.



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Thanks, I've send a PM.