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Incorrect Number Ported

Level 2

TPG recently connected my mum to NBN.


When they ported the telephone number across they got the number wrong, one of the digits was incorrect.


I have now called them 4 times over 4 days to ask for somerthing to be done, still nothing.


The number that my my mum (who is 80) now has was from a guy's business.  She knows this as her phone has not stopped ringing and the poor guy who owns the business called her yesterday as he needed to know what was going on.


How can they port the wrong number ?.  Isn't the number checked against the customer details ?.  How did Telstra let them take the wrong number ?


I called TPG again last night, again same story, an investigation has started and we will contact you when it is completed. I told the service officer the reason this needs to be done immediately, they said I would get a call 1st up this morning.  Again nothing.


The customer service from TPG is dismal.


So 7 hours later and still no phone call from TPG.   I called back, got a customer service officer, they took the information, for the 5th time, put me on hold, 10 minutes later the call the was disconnected.


Called back, same story needed to be told, this time I was put through to a "supervisor".  Again no resolution. I was assured that this would be made a priority, same as I had been assured over the last 3 days.  I was again assured I will receive a call within 24 hours, as I was assured on the last 3 calls and which I have never received a call back.


I will lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Obudsman first up tommorrow to try to force a resolution but I suspect I will be in line in a very long queue there based on my customer service experience with TPG.




Hi @TerryW


Welcome to the Community! 


Your feedback does matter to us and our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Please allow us the opportunity to help you out.


I've located your account using your Community details and can see that this case has now been raised to one of our Account Supervisors. 


Based on the investigation that was made on the point of sale, you've provided us with the current active number on your account. Our sales staff did also repeated the number back for confirmation. 

Nonetheless, I've coordinated this with the assigned Account Supervisor and understand that you've been informed that the number to be ported is no longer active. Regrettably, we would need to have an active number coming from your previous provider for us to manually transfer the number.


I've also now escalated your concern to our dedicated complaint handling department; customer relations. As part of our complaints process, a  Complaints resolution case manager will be assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution. 


This has just been endorsed today and will be under assessment. They'll be contacting you via e-mail or phone call. Should you have a preferred contact time and number, please let us know via and we'll forward this to the team. 




Level 2

Hello Erika,


You are correct, I did supply the incorrect number on the inital call. 


Straight after this call I received a text message from your Customer Serivce Officer Mark (12:39pm, 22 Nov) which requests the Telstra Account Number for the port to progress.


I answered this text (12:54pm, 22Nov) .


Hi Mark,


Mums DOB (I suplied this for confirmation)

The Telephone Number I gave was incorrect, correct # is (I provided correct number here)

And I provided the Telstra account number as requested.


I then received a call on 29 Nov requesting a copy of a Telstra Bill.

This was sent to you on 05 December 2018, this also shows the correct number.




Hi @TerryW


Thank you for the additional information. 


I've now forwarded this to our Complaints Resolution team. 


They'll be contacting you once they've completed their assessment. 




Level 2

Okay more info.


No phone call as yet from TPG, not unexpected.


Called Telstra, they told us that the number that should of been ported is now in quarantine.


Telstra do not own this number anymore.


Called NBN, they told us that there is nothing stopping TPG from rectifying this issue, the number is there and can be ported.


So we have progressed nowhere, still.


Hi @TerryW

Apologies for the trouble. 


Currently, your case is still under assessment by one of our Complaints Resolution Case Managers. 


I've chased this now for you and requested for a call within the day. 




Level 2

I have been back on the phone with TPG customer service.


They advised that they will try again to port the number but as the number is not active they will get a rejection from Telstra.


TPG will send an email with the details from Telstra.


This is the opposite of what we are being told from the other side, Telstra / NBN.


I have lodged the complaint with TIO as I see that this is going to be impossible to get to a resloution by speaking with TPG Customer Service.  Hopefully a 3rd party can get this fixed for us.


Hi @TerryW


Thanks for looping us in. 


If you have any other query regarding your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact your Complaints resolution case manager directly via return mail. 




Level 2

2 months and still no resolution.


After countless attempts to get the original number we gave up and asked for any number as part of the solution between Telstra and TPG was to disconnect my mum's telephone.


That was 10 days ago.


I was told this was the easiest thing to do, they just have to request the number from TPG.  I was speaking to TPG but they have to request the number from TPG, this will take 24-48 hours, to request a number.


48 hours later no number, still no home phone.


Call back and there is a problem, TPG didn't bother checking but there is an issue outside the premises but they can get this fixed !! ..  Maximum 48 hours.


72 hours later call back, again TPG didn't do any follow up.  The operator said they need to call the engineering department.  Engineering department have all gone home so you still can't have a home phone, we apologise for any inconvience this has caused.


To fix a simple issue this has gone on for over 2 months now, everytime you call you have to start again, so I am now waiting for a call back from the engineering department.  Will this happen, very unlikely as they have never made contact when they have stated they will and I have had to make a call.


I have never dealt with an issue that has been so poorly managed, the service provided by TPG has been so below what you need an expect from a company like this.  They have continued to offer no solutions and never respond by the timeframes they themselves set.


As I have stated this is my mum's account and this was her first time ever using a service like this and she just wants it all scrapped but we can't until we at least get her a phone back.


I have been a customer with TPG for over 7 years, as soon as this saga is finished I will look to move to another provider.  The service will be similar, all telecommunications services are run the same, but I won't be continuning with a provider that has shown a customer so little respect and continually fail to follow up or make calls that they have stated they will make. 


All I can do is warn any other person about the service they are likely to expect if they sign up with TPG.






Hi @TerryW,


I apologise for the delay and understand you feel that the home phone issue is taking far too long to resolve. I will pass this to the assigned complaints resolution case manager handling your case and request for immediate feedback on Monday.