Installation No Show

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I stayed how from work today to ensure I would be there for my internet to be set up. No notification that they aren't coming, no contact. The final time is 5pm to wait till but I feel like its not likely they'll be here. I'm pretty annoyed as I could have done a full day at work or any number of other things instead of waiting for an appointment that's not going to happen.

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I'm sorry that the installation appointment did not push through as originally planned. As discussed with you over the phone when you spoke to our Provisioning Team yesterday, NBNCo canceled the appointment. The explanation given was that they made a pre-call about the appointment and that you were not yet ready for the installation. I understand though that you've explained to our Provisioning Team yesterday that you were not able to actually receive the said phone call on September 2. Nonetheless, the Case Manager that you spoke with yesterday has raised a ticket to NBNCo about your experience and to ensure that the next appointment gets attended to by an NBN technician.


I can see that a new appointment has been booked for you on the date you agreed to. An email has been sent providing you the details of the appointment.


Let me know if you have other concerns or questions that we can look into.