Installation delays

Level 2
I notified TPG I would need internet to be transferred to my new address in QLD which they confirmed on the 16 March. I told them what date I needed new internet to start, being today 30 March. They stated internet would start at new address from this date or at worst by tomorrow. I spent over an hour today trying to get an installation update as we don't have it and both myself and my partner need it for work. I was told I am paid up untill 20 April (so paying for internet service TPG are not providing). My installation update online also states that despite my installation request being commenced over 10 days ago they are still processing payment. Not sure how because as stated by TPG I am all paid up. Further too, I have payed the same amount by direct debit every month for over 2 years. This direct debit is still ongoing so how come they are taking over 10 days to process a payment (and hence delay my installation) when they have already charged me up to a month in advance
I just want a straight answer as to when I will get my internet connected or I want a refund for the time I will be without this service