Level 2
Im sorry to post this question publicly but I’ve spent 7 hours in total on hold over the past 10 days trying to get an installation update.

I purchased an NBN plan on 26 March, and was supposed to receive an update on installation by 1 April. I still have not received an update and online it says my installation is “progressing.”

I do understand that TPG is inundated with support requests, as I work in support myself and am dealing with the same things. However I’m really upset that I was promised an install date by 1 April and set-up date before 9 April and have not received any updated information.

Can someone please confirm that NBN will be set up before 9 April? My work is severely impacted and I promised my company I’d be back to normal working conditions by the 9th.

I’d appreciate any help I can get here. If it’s not possible to get someone in by the 9th April, may I please have a full refund for the purchase of my plan ($189) and cancel all future service?

Thank you again,
Jacqueline Lipsky