Level 2
I have lost 2 days of work waiting for installation. I am a nurse who only wanted NBN so I can man the COVID helpline. Apparently the guy couldn't find my address ...said it was a vacant block of land.He did not ring at any time to ask directions. I then spent 3 hrs trying to get through on the phone only to be told by TPG they would get back to me..but I haven't heard a thing.i am supposed to start work on the COVID helpline in a week but have no NBN In the meantime I am losing $ taking days off waiting for installation that doesn't account number is 1689450. I am paying for a service o am not receiving. I am trying to be patient but I've had enough. I will be making sure that TPG get the worst reviews on the internet they have ever had and I will be changing providers as soon as possible. ...seeing as so far you have provided nothing and cost me 2 nursing shifts.

Hi @vickisanki,


Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your Full Name, CID (customer identication number) and your mobile phone number, so I can take a look at your service?