Internet connection issues

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Recently, my ADSL internet got problems. I cannot browse the internet, do nothing. I called the TPG customer service to lodge a complaint on 19/11/2018. My internet was working just fine about 2/3 days after that and again the same issue. Today after 8 days of lodging my complaint, I talked with TPG engineering team FRED who was not a friendly person over the phone. He advised me that the link from your Telstra PIT to my home is faulty. They are going to change the connection to a different location but the condition is  to be in contract with TPG for another 6 months. Here are my concerns


  • If I am not using the internet connection or not getting proper service why should I be charged if TPG is taking such a long time to resolve my issue?
  • TPG already knows what the problem is and they are basically saying me that you need to be in 6 months contract to get it solved. Does it make any sense?
  • How can a connection which was working OK (not so good not so bad) suddenly go down and we suddenly have to cut the whole old connection and get a new one?

Has TPG treated any one else the same way? Is there any resolution to it or do we need to change the ISP? Because it really doesnot make sense to harrass a customer in such a way. It like i know the solution but you need to sign a contract for me to solve it.


This is totally rediculous.



Hi @promice,


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I was able to locate your account using your community details. I've seen that one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager has responded to your email and explained that the technician's resolution is to improve the speed is to use the other copper pair in the lead in and it is like having a new connection hence re-contract is needed.


The assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager has responded to your email and currently waiting for your response. I will pass this on to them for additional reference.


Let me know should you require further assistance.