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nbn apparently activated but still on old adsl - engineer never switched ports

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hi - after a lot of issues and waiting 2 years to get a nbn connection, today was the day for my connection to finally be enabled. waited over a week for an engineer to "activate" my service. got a message today saying that i had been connected however after trying to connect I could see that my connection was still syncing as a ADSL2+ connection, not a fttn connection. Seems like the engineer never turned up? Im in regional victoria - how much longer am i going to need to wait for someone to turn up?


Hi nbnbnbnbnbnbnbn


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We'd like to check on this further and see what happened in this instance. 


I went ahead and tried searching for your account using your Community details but unable to find any match. 


Kindly send us with your account details via private message so we can assist you accordingly.