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NBN drops again despite previous resolution attempts

Level 2
My nbn connection dropped again, not long after a technician came to check modem and replaced a wire. A recent long power outage happened and now the drop in connection are happening more frequently. What gives?

Hi @Kaelthas,


Whilst we will endeavour to make the service available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the service is not fault free and we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, or the speed, performance or quality of the service. There are many factors outside of our control which affect the services, such as the performance of third party suppliers and equipment, force majeure events and quality of the network used by our wholesale provider.


We've checked the account and it shows a stable connection with a good sync speed.


Are you still experiencing the dropouts? If you are, is it via a WiFi connection? You may try this link to improve your WiFi connection at home.


If you are connected via a Wired connection, then you may try to unplug and replug the Ethernet cable, turn Off and On the modem. If it's still not resolved, please PM me your preferred time and best number to be contacted so I will arrange a call from our Tech team.


Kind regards,