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Internet down

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Did anyone’s internet just gone down? My internet connection went down about 45 minutes ago.

I’m on NBN plan with TPG. The internet light on my modem router is off and I’m getting prompted by the modem router to “Check the DSL settings such as VLAN ID. Contact your internet service provider to confirm if your line is in good condition.”. Tech support has closed shop for the day, and I’m burning the midnight oil to finish some urgent work. I tried restarting the modem router too but internet is still down.

Anyone had a similar experience recently or experiencing the same problem right now?

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Internet service just got back up.

That could have been an outage. Or it could have been caused by something else.

In any case, all currently reported issues, planned outages, and resolved issues within the last 24 hours can be seen at the TPG Service Status page.

Alternatively, you can simply head over to TPG's homepage, scroll all the way to the bottom, look for Network and listed under it would be the link to Service Status.

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