Level 2

I have just spent the last hour or so reading the community feedback.....man there are some problems out there and my drama pales into insignificance with some of you guys. Well,the good news is that my service has been working now for nearly 24 hrs after being off for 7 days out of the last 10. Luckily my old faithful 12 year old $35/month optus wireless modem was around to save the day!!!! Just seems that TPG and NBNco struggle to admit fault and hide behind T & C's. And they love to read the cheat sheet when you talk to them. You feel like they become a close family member (or your therapist) after you spend so much time telling your story to them I guess we all have to put up with crap NBN connections until we are all rich enough to afford FTTP. Or maybe we move to NZ where its standard and we can get 100mbps!!! Yay! Good on yer Malcolm, FTTN is fit for purpose!!