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Internet not connecting - new fixed wirless NBN connection

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Received email notification a few days ago saying to plug in router for tpg update for new fixed wirless connection.

Done all the setup, left modem on overnight but the internet light never lit up and modem stuck on connecting.

All lights green on nbn unit.

Checked install staus on tpg page but says installation is progressing and working on getting service available.

Is the service available and should the router be connecting and if it is why would it not be?





Hi @tcarlson179


Welcome to the Community!


Using your community details, I was able to pull up your account and perform a test. I can tell that your NBN box is working, however, we are unable to get a response from your modem just yet.


Checking the record of your recent call with us, one of our Helpdesk team had advised you to connect your modem to UniD2 port of the NBN box. Unfortunately, it seems like the call got disconnected at that time and we were not able to reach you back. If you haven't done it yet, please connect your modem to UniD2 port of the NBN box.


Nonetheless, I have requested one of our Senior Technicians to contact you on the number you have on our file. Please expect a call before 7PM WA today.


If you need to provide a different contact number or reschedule the time, please send me a PM. For reference on how to do so, you may check this link: