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Internet unstable

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Thanks for that.


In the event I am unreachable, could you please contact the other person on my account who has a TPG mobile plan with you.


Kind regards,



Glad to be of assistance, @OxleyEstate.


I have notified our Engineering team with your request and the Mobile number is now posted on your escalated case.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,


Level 3

Quote "Hi TW,

I'll chase this with our Engineering team to make sure if the suggested resolution will resolve this issue.

I'll have someone to contact you within the day.

Kind regards,


Did they respond to you regarding this?


Hi @OxleyEstate, as per latest update, an NBN Technician has been booked for today to investigate further and we have received your confirmation regarding this.


The case engineer will be in touch as soon as the final report is received from the NBN Technician.


Hi @OxleyEstate,

I can see that one of our Engineers has contacted you earlier today and advised you that NBN technician fixed a fault outside your premises.

At the moment our Engineering Team is currently monitoring your connection and updates will be provided on Monday.


Let me know should you require further assistance.



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I notice this issue of internet dropping out is still under investigation after 15 days, we are also having these constant drop outs, we tried to call support but your phone says you are closed.


We never had these issues with ADSL, only NBN has been so inconsistent, we have had to reboot our modem and investigate about 8 times during one night.


Can someone please sort out this problem asap (hopefully not over 15 days).





Hi @lawlerx3,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We've gone ahead and run some remote test and was not able to detect any fault on the NBN network. I've seen the dropouts that you've experienced yesterday, however, it is showing more stable now.


Have you noticed any changes on the lights on the ARRIS NBN box? Please check the cables to make sure that they are not loose.


We've refreshed your connection and will observe it further if it's going to drop again.


Kind regards,



Hi @lawlerx3,


We've monitored the account and it seems to be stable now. Your modem has been connected to the network for 19h 44m and counting after the refreshed.


Are you still experiencing issues with your service?


Kind regards,


Level 1a

Fingers crossed, I seem to have fixed my own similar problem.

I was getting pretty hot under the collar but both NBN and TPG claimed the problem was not on their side. My NBN kept dropping out no matter how I fiddled with the cables and resetting etc. 

In desperation I took out the co-axial cable connecting the ARRIS unit to the wall plug and put a slight kink in the tips of the centre copper connector both ends, to ensure that when it is screwed in there will be a tension on the tip to touch the inside of the female/receptor hole - to ensure positive contact is made. I also sandpapered the copper wire to ensure it has no coating preventing clean contact. So far it seems to have done the job! Green lights all over!