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Issue with phone line after moving to Iinet NBN

Level 2

Hi I believe TPG owns Iinet. I moved from ADSL to NBN on 17 March. Since then I have had no phoneline which is a major issue as I run a small business from my landline number. Despite multiple calls to Iinet I can make calls with the landline but when anyone calls it has a message saying it is disconnected. Initially they said that the porting was a problem but the porting was completed on the 4th attempt 3-4 days ago. I have been told that my complaint has been escalated but still nearly 2 weeks without a landline which is damanging my business. I have sent a complaint to the ombudsman and they have contacted Iinet 2 days ago but still no answer. I am happy for the phone number to be diverted to a mobile, surely someone in iinet has the skills to fix this. Any help on where to next would be greatful.