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Last minute cancellation of connection

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Hi, just wondering if anyone else has experienced moving house, having a time and date confirmed for nbn installation and then received a text an hour and a half before to say it has been cancelled and will have to wait another 4 weeks? We had changed appointments etc to sit at the house for the 4hr time frame only to be told no technicians available??? Bunbury is a City in the SW of WA (not exactly a small area). 44 days it will take in total to install. If anyone has any advice on what they did please feel free to share as customer service has said there is nothing they can do. I rely on the internet for my graphic design business also so needless to say this is costing me. TIA

Hi @melaniesalathie


For customers who would like to check the status of their service installation/activation, we have created this community article, which contains a video on How to track your TPG service installation.


As you may be aware soon of all Australia will be connected up to the NBN and whilst in the vast majority of cases the transition happens seamlessly we apologise that this was not your experience.


We acknowledge the complexity of certain installations and unexpected cases, which can lead to unforeseen delays and sometimes additional appointments to complete the final installation, for which all internet providers are reliant upon NBN Co.


In your case, our NBN provisioning team has raised this case with our wholesale provider and gave us the earliest appointment available. Further updates will be given by your case manager once available.