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Modem received but not NCD

Level 2

I have received the new modem for an FTTC connection


The NCD has not been sent


There is no update on the installaion page for me to check if someone is coming and bringing the NCD along?



Level 2

Progress Report: 11-April: Still await NCD

Got on chat twice after an hour long wait

First time for a reply that it wil be sent

Second time, was asked to pay $10 with NCD promised to be dispatched in 24-48 hours

Still waiting for th tracking number


Connection date was meant to be 27 March


At this rate, it will be mid-December that i get the sms that service is active

And also got ZERO acknowledgement of this post

Level 2

Progress Report 18 April

NCD received 2 days ago

Installed but does not complete setup as shown in the video

96 min wait for online chat help at the end was told that I have 2 options
Either get in person or get someone from TPG call me on phone to help setup
I said Call me
THey gave me another reference number.

Its been 2 days. NO CALL YET
ANother 87 min wait to complain online and it has been 27 minutes sine the person in chat support said "one min..............."

Level 2
Dont beleive me.......Here is the copied live chat i am in since 1 hr 50 min and still waiting for the first reply after they verified everything from my username to rectal tempreature 
TPG Service DeliveryPlease wait as we connect you to a customer service agent
All of our Chat Support team members are currently assisting other customers. Please enter your query while you wait and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
Hi.. Welcome to TPG Live Chat
Do you have your customer ID or mobile number please?
Level 2


count_boxFe one moment pls..


Just wanted to let you all know that it has been 25 minuted since this message in chat box


This is some sort of a joke........right?

Level 2
Oh I got a reply after 28 minutes ( 2 hrs and 6 minutes since chat started)
account_boxFe hi.. i already made a follow callabck
So they have booked another call as a follow up to the first call that they never made and now after 2 hours and 7 minutes, I am about to close the chat window and wait for the urgent second call to come after 2 hour complaint about not getting the first call for 2 days..............
This is awesome. 
I am 92% certain that all this is for some hidden camera show being recorded through our camera
Level 2

Well After 2 hour and 15 minutes of hotpsotting from my phone, the battery is dead

So i have left the helpful chat while my lovely chat support agent has been busy for 13 minutes trying to read the answer to my last question ........."When can i expected this urgent call that you have booked?"


But this has been nice, and i have decided that i will be copying my chat here every single day, since that is all that TPG has made me do for a week now.


SO stay put till tomorrow for the next installement in my daily chat support blog

Level 2

Progress Report 20 April


Welcome to this blog about getting TPG installed


Last time we left you, TPG had booked an URGENT call to see why I cannot complete installation.


THey booked an URGENT call since they Normal call they booked 2 days before that had not been made.




As expected, noone has called.


So now i am about to begin my daily 2/3 hour chat wait to book another SUPER URGENT CALL BACK


Here we go.................getting in Que for the chat .......

Level 2

Today was a GOOD day


In the help chat window, I only had to wait for 47 minutes........


However, I unfortunately had to take go to the loo.

A reply came on 13:13:38
I responded on 13:13:51
Unfortunately, 13 seconds late and while the chat is still active but the chat person is not reponding.
I would say the chat person would continue to count this dead chat in their work-hours as they are not responding to me and also not closing the window, so that i can get back in line.
My bad....
Let me try the chat window help again
And i just found out that there are MODERATORS here monitoring the chat.
NONE of them have even responded to me. 
Level 2

All right.


So now an appointment has been scheduled 2 days from now.


Hope to see you all on the next episode on TPG installation blog