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Moving and upgrading from ADSL2+ to NBN

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I have been trying to speak to someone online for a few days now - I was online all yesterday and still have no resolve - I'm enquiring about the relocation and upgrade of my service from ADSL2+ to the NBN100 plan on March 28th. My new home is setup for FTTP NBN.

As a long time TPG customer, I trust that I could be offered a reduced rate on my plan or have the setup fee waived in a no lock-in contract (as I am already out of contract and this should continue as an existing TPG customer). 
I also want to know what happens with payment of my current plan if I am to continue with TPG or cancel my plan. I have already been charged another month on March 21st for my current plan (which I would of had halted if I was able to have my queries answered earlier), so will this recent charge be credited to the NBN plan at my new address when I switch over?
Thank you