No Dial Tone

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I have tried to use the TPF online chat but after about 60 minutes, the open chat when sitting in queue is closed by a support person before any chat has occurred.


On Tuesday 17/3/20, we had activation of a FTTP/phone to our house we just moved to. The house had previously had NBN connection box installed by the previous owner....and the previous owner had BNB internet and phone.


Following activation, the internet is working perfectly, but the home phone has no dial tone and we can't make or receive any calls.


We have followed the troubleshooting guides prepared by TPG to no avail, this has included:

  • checking and confirming no NBN outages by the NBN or TPG
  • rebooting the NBN connection box by disconnecting the power cord from the battery backup.
  • changed the phone handset to UNI-V Port 2 on the NBN Connection Box to see if this corrected the problem.
  • return the phone handset to UNI-V Port 1 on the NBN Connection Box to see if this corrected the problem

We were wondering that since TPG seem to be having poblems with the online chat technical support (through adopted COV-19 practices), if someone could please look into our connect to see why the home phone is not operational.

Our TPG account number is 3901033,



Level 2