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Moving premises - Disconnecting from old house

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Hi there, I recently moved house and have arranged for our existing TPG NBN service to be relocated. (This request is still pending, with an NBN technician scheduled to come out on Monday to establish the service.)

However, the people who moved into our house have contacted us and said they "cannot establish their internet connection, until we have disconnected ours". Does TPG need to disconnect our service in this instance? I have never heard of this before and always thought that new occupants at a property could just take over the service. 

Could you please confirm if TPG needs to disconnect our service at our old address....or if we need to do anything?

Thank you


Hi @matt84 ,


For NBN connection the service on the current/old address should be disconnected first before new service from different/same ISP can be installed. While the relocation of the service not yet completed the existing service will remain active on the old address.


We will raise this with our NBN Provisioning Team for further handling and investigation to check if there's an alternate way for service on the old address be disconnected so the new tenant can proceed with service installation.

Please send me your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).

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