My NBN Installation

Level 1b

Hello there,


I have had zero luck and no contact from TPG regarding getting someone out to install my NBN black box.  I have had someone from NBN install the cables on Friday.  A technician was supposed to come in on Saturday 28th March between 8-12pm.  But no one came.


When i called TPG, they said they had cancelled the appointment and i was not notified.  It is very frustrating to hear that especially since i have called a month in advance to get everything sorted.  I need the internet to be able to work from home.


I have also tried to reschedule my appointment, and have had no luck (see attached)


Can you please help and respond asap.




Shaun S.

Level 9

What type of NBN connection do you have?
You mention a "black box". What model is it?

What cables did the person on Friday install?

Do you have the wifi router? It will be pre-configured.


Generally, connecting the equipment can be done by you. There should still be a message from TPG saying when the connection is ready to go.

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