My NBN Installation

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Hello there,


I have had zero luck and no contact from TPG regarding getting someone out to install my NBN black box.  I have had someone from NBN install the cables on Friday.  A technician was supposed to come in on Saturday 28th March between 8-12pm.  But no one came.


When i called TPG, they said they had cancelled the appointment and i was not notified.  It is very frustrating to hear that especially since i have called a month in advance to get everything sorted.  I need the internet to be able to work from home.


I have also tried to reschedule my appointment, and have had no luck (see attached)


Can you please help and respond asap.




Shaun S.

Level 15

What type of NBN connection do you have?
You mention a "black box". What model is it?

What cables did the person on Friday install?

Do you have the wifi router? It will be pre-configured.


Generally, connecting the equipment can be done by you. There should still be a message from TPG saying when the connection is ready to go.

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