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My NBN was installed on 11 Mar and still not activated from the back-end

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My NBN box is not activated from backend, and I have been on call for hours and did not get through to instalation team, chat does not work. and no return call!!! this sucks, kindly help.


This is one of the chats with your rep.


I ran test and found out that your devices are still in progress/pending for activation. To fix this, I'll go ahead and connect you to our Installation department for device activation. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance, Sufian. Stay connected as I transfer this chat to the team.

ok, last time someone transferred , there was no one on other side, I waited for hours
kindly ensure someone is available there

Yes, I already double checked and the department is online today.

ok thanks

Thank you. Have a great day! Stay safe. And I hope all people are like you - kind.

You too stay safe, I wish the same, thanks
have a nice day

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May I have your Customer ID or Username, so I can take a look at your account
kindly stay on chat as I have a call

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